Jeffrey Vanderson

psychic medium

Jeffrey Vanderson


You are Invited

You are welcome to be a guest 
and attend my Psychic Parlor.
No two Parlor visits are the same.
Sometimes, I share intuitive exercises, bits of wisdom,
brief guided meditations, and sometimes
we even do psychic experiments.
Every visit to the Parlor
ends with some gallery readings or messages
for a few of the guests. 
There is no cost at all to attend.

In the Parlor

This is as interactive experience.
It is a video conference (held on
that lasts approximately 45 minutes. 
Attendees are treated to variety
of topics and mystic delights.

Make Reservations

Attendance is limited, to register
look on the calendar for an available time. 
You are welcome to attend by yourself
or you can tell your friends and
you can all register to
visit the Psychic Parlor together.

About Me

I am a psychic medium.
(more about that, here.)
For over 25 years,
I have been committed to serving
people through education,
consultation, and outreach.


Currently I am holding the Psychic Parlor
on the first and third Thursdays of the month
and second and fourth Fridays at 8:30pm central time. 


PLEASE NOTE: Reservations can only be made for events within 30 days.
More available dates will appear on the calendar as they get closer.
If the calendar say” no times available” then the parlor is full.
email me and I will let you know when the next ones are scheduled.