Jeffrey Vanderson

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Jeffrey Vanderson


I help people find clarity, insight, and transformation.


What do you truly want?
To get it, you must be able to see 
what and who is influencing
your situation the most.
When you get this clarity,
you can gain the insight needed
to achieve your desires and goals.


Insight is understanding what
your situation means and what
you can change to make it better.
It is seeing both the forest and the trees,
and feeling the light of the sun on your face,
showing you which direction to move.


What do want to change?
What do you want to make happen?
Do you have the clarity and insight
to make it happen?
Make an appointment.

About Me

I am a psychic medium.
(more about that, here.)
For over 25 years,
I have been committed to serving
people through education,
consultation, and outreach.



throughout the year, in my classroom, I offer a series of classes,
workshops, and intensives.
Each is crafted to empower and
enrich your mind, body, and spirit.


A personal reading is one of the most valuable
ways to gain, not only clarity and insight,
but also the personal power that only comes
from personal awareness. 

Sessions for your specific interests and concerns
address your needs and are tailored to your situation.


My Psychic Parlor is a unique and interactive event.
It is a on-line conference/video meeting where
we explore intuition, meaning, and wonder.
Each session also includes some live readings.
The Psychic Parlor is a gift that I give.
It is offered to you completely free.
Find out more.


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